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About Me

Hi – Thanks for dropping in.
My name’s Nige and I am passionate about helping people to understand their dogs and to forge amazing relationships on both ends of the lead.
I have a diploma in Canine Psychology and am a FULL member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) - a leading body and independent course provider for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists.
As a member of the IMDT, I have undergone a respected and rigorous assessment process, resulting in the very best training and behavioural advice, which I passed at the highest level.  With this comes  a commitment to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that guarantees respect for all dogs and owners.
I am fully insured, DB checked and canine first aid trained as well.
My firm belief is that you and your dog are a TEAM, and success comes from working together to achieve your end goals.  By helping you see things from your dogs’ point of view and focusing on building a strong bond, training can be FUN for you and your best pal - simply becoming part of your everyday life, bringing out the best in you both.
Modern dog training (based on science and love, rather than tradition and myth) is continually evolving for the better – Join us and be part of the REVOLUTION!

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